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The project started its activities in June of 2013. During this time, we were able to find out what the user is important and why the helpdesk system is so popular. We are faced with the task of writing helpdesk systems for personal purposes in organization. A systematic analysis of the subject area, as well as analyzing the entire market free open source software, we decided to write his own.

So six months later it was presented the first release of the free open source-version under the code version hd.rustem. For a full description of what we face in the process of writing software, we published post on HabraHabr. With all this experience, we decided not to stop and to create a system based on its fremwork, called ZENLIX. For example, version 2 was established and wroten post a description of all the changes and benefits of the paid version.

At this point in time, we decided to go a step further by developing a new version from scratch on Laravel, while taking as a basis the business model and taking into account users' requests, we have created a brand new product with great potential and long-term support and development branch.

Our principes at development