Ticket system for everyone

Multiporpose web solution to support your users, companies and customers

Create ticket different ways

Possibility create tickets via web, email and API.

Mobile applications

Watching for your tickets by offline, receive push-notifications and make actions with tickets.

Fast, easy and security

CRM ZENLIX - based at Laravel Framework, that making it easy to use, secure in the organization’s infrastructure and very fast for ordinary users!

Base features

Unique features to support your organization

Personal page for ticket creation
Personal page for creating an ticket with a set of necessary fields, for each user or group, organization and customers.
Mail processing
You can connect e-mail box, for autocreating tickets from mail. Or select some messages for creating ticket.
Receive more than 12 ticket events to Email, SMS, or Web-browser, Telegram, Push-mobile application, PushBullet or your service via API or Web-Hooks.
Follow the ITIL methodology, for control reaction time, work time and deadline time.
Kanban task system
Create an unlimited tasks for each ticket and manage their status
API and Web-Hooks
Ability to integrate ZENLIX CRM with external services in both directions (api-in / hook-out)

Mobile applications

Watching for your tickets by offline, receive push-notifications and make actions with tickets.

Keep access to tickets even when your phone is offline.
Receive notification about ticket actions.
  Close tickets
Lock, Close and comment from phone.
Full reports
More than 20 filters and keys for making reports.
Export results
You can export reports to Excel, PDF, CSV.
Single SLA-information for find narrow places.

UI design


Amazing product

Our advantage - is your profit.
Organize your work easy!

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List of all features

  Multilanguage support
Russian, ukrainian and english UI-languages.
  SLA concept
Ticket accounting by reaction time, work time and deadline time.
  Mobile applications
iOS and Android mobile applications and PUSH-notifiactions.
  Active Directory support
LDAP — authorization and import users.
  Full logs and reports
For all events by tickets and users.
  Multi layer for user roles
Full user access control.
  Service integration
Pushbullet.com, SMS, Telegram and other via API.
  Update system and version control
Based at GitLab with access to repository, issues and releases.
  Receive ticket from Email
You can receive ticket from IMAP/POP3/NNTP or manual mail processing.
  Open Source
All code are open source and part limited by ZENLIX license.
  Responsive Web Design
You can use system at all devices via web-browser.
  Help Center
Access to all your manual for any users.
  Ticket tasks
Build Your Kanban task concept.
Use events to plan your time.
Nitificate users more than 10events and more that 5 ways.
  Create ticket from IP-phone
Connect your iphone service for use in ZENLIX.
Mark tickets with tags associated with task statuses.
  Fast work
The technology allows you to support about 2 thousand active users.


$ 480

ZENLIX CRM-system installed on the client’s server, updating and support is always free.

Free updates
Support server
Open Source
No limits
Mobile applications
OS VM-images
$ 49 / m

Cloud based CRM-system at DigitalOcean droplet.

100 users
20Gb SSD/1 CPU/1Gb RAM
Sales Policy of our system is to provide a copy of the software at a special price. To this end, the company has to justify why it can not afford to buy the system for the official cost and what is the main purpose of the use of our product. If the sales department agrees to your terms and conditions, you get the system by low special price.