On this page is possible to Managing User system.

  • Name - Name and description of the names of the user's middle name.
  • Login / Email - data for user logon.
  • Password - password to login.
  • Groups (user) - the list of groups to which a user logs on.
  • Groups (super-user) - the list of groups to which the user is an administrator. It will be able to view the orders of their group members.
The ticket form indicates the form of creating an ticket or from a group or individually.
  • LDAP-authentication - if active, the user can log in using your current account.
Available authentication methods
Only LDAP - it means that the user will be included in LDAP-only login
LDAP and system - this means that a user will log in using the LDAP account or system.
  • LDAP Username - account name in LDAP, to match the account with the system account.

For LDAP-account in LDAP-there must be an account similar to the system account. If the system is set to installed LDAP-only authentication, the user must be active in the LDAP / ActiveDirectory, and also have to use your username / password from AD to login.