Ticket creation

Page creation tickets is based on the settings of the selected form of creating tickets:

  • User group
  • or
  • User

The main parameters of the page creation tickets:

  • Client field - It allows you to specify a particular customer who asked for the creation of tickets. In this field, you can also create a new customer. This field may not be active. Golf client displays a list of customers from this form of creating tickets. If you set the item "to notify the client about the creation of application", the customer will receive an email that created the tickets.
  • Target field - ticket allows you to specify artist or the whole group, or individual users. These fields are also configurable in the form of the creation of the tickets.
  • Priority - the field will be as relevant when you use it in conjunction with the SLA-plan, then the SLA-plan will be adapted to the priority.
  • Subject/tags, allow you to quickly identify the tickets.
  • Ticket message It supports a standard set of HTML-characters.
  • Files - you can attache files.
  • Additional fields - may have several types, such as drop-down list, multilist, a text box, a large field. They can be either required or not.
  • Option Sla-plans - for sla-plans selects.
  • Option deadline time - sets the deadline for execution of the application. If this field is active, it will come to e-mail notifications about the approaching deadline for implementation, and overdue status of the ticket.
  • Option watching - It includes a list of users who need access to the application and provide the ability to track ticket.
  • Option - approve after success - It does not give the right to move the ticket to the status implemented, as long as the ticket author does not check the performance of the ticket.
  • Option - individual success - relevant if you specify multiple ticket performers, then the application will be marked as accomplished only when all of its artists cope task.
  • Ticket planner - specifies an application to the list of scheduled tickets. In this case the ticket will not be created immediately, but will be created when the scheduled time.