System concept

The system is designed for an organization that keeps track of tasks, monitors the status of their implementation, as well as engaged in accepting tickets from customers. These tasks are called tickets. Tickets can be created both within the organization to members and externally - eg. clients on users. The system will be useful for companies that serve customers. They can be integrated with customer accounts ZENLIX system and to receive requests from customers via web, e-mail, or API-interface.

If the organization does not have customers, but there is a problem and the staff, on which are painted the problem, then ZENLIX will be an indispensable tool for monitoring the implementation of tasks. Applications are created through a web-based interface, which has a responsive design, or e-mail. Notification of application events is sent by mail or through SMS. A user will pop up a notice on a web page.

The system has a scale-user privileges, which allows equally comfortable working in the system, both customers and users, serving clients.