In this setup page notification systems. Below we look at a detailed description of each.

E-mail notification system
It is used to send notification messages to the mailbox users. If the status is not active - then the system will be deactivated and will not receive a letter.

SMS notification system

It is used for sending of SMS-notifications to mobile phones users. To use, you must register on the site, replenish the balance. Then enter your login / password on this page. You can also select from the available notification, including users in the settings of your profile will be necessary to choose the types of notification. Default - all users have not more than one type of notification is selected. What would the user receive SMS, it should in the profile to select the desired type of notification and mobile phone number.

Notification via PushBullet

Used for sending PUSH-notifications on devices running OS Windows, Linux, MacOS, as well as mobile Apple / Android devices. To use, you must register on the site and get API-key. Then enter the API-key on this page. After that profile must enter the same email their pushbullet-account to which members attached devices.

Notification via WebPush

Used to pop the PUSH-notifications in the browser window.
The URL, the server - this is the address to which the client Web browser to connect to listen to new notifications. The port on the server - this is the port that will be open to the fact that to him were connected to client Web browsers. For example, the server can be opened at port: 3001, Nginx web server, can be setup to broadcast local port 3001 on alias / Then the URL-Server can be http://SITENAME/

To use the test notifications, save the settings before you perform the test.