Notification system

For notifications of users developed notification system that operates independently, asynchronously to the user's actions and processes the message queue. This allows you to send out a huge number of updates without impacting the system's interface.

The main types of notifications in the system:

  1. User registration and password forgot (only email)
  2. Ticket actions
  3. Receiving personal messages

Below we describe the main types of messages when working with applications:

  1. Ticket creation
  2. Ticket locking
  3. Ticket unlocking
  4. Forward tickets
  5. Ticket comments
  6. Ticket success
  7. Wait for approve tickets
  8. Success/no success approving
  9. Ticket removing
  10. Ticket restoring
  11. Remember to deadline time ticket
  12. Remember after deadline time over.

Important conditions for receiving notifications required (any of the following):

  1. User may be author of ticket
  2. Be at watching lists
  3. User may be executor of ticket

The system should also be enabled and configured notification services, and to set up a user profile must be included in the notice required services.

Main features of the notification service:

  1. Alert in web browser (similar to, come in all the above actions, as well as displayed in the upper right corner of the web interface in the notification bar, where all actions are stored.
  2. Notifications via email
  3. Notifications via mobile SMS (Profile must be specified mobile number and service must be active) based on To use the SMS service, you must register on the site, replenish the balance in the system ZENLIX enter data (username / password) to work with SMSC.
  4. iOS-push come as automatically if the user has installed a mobile application and authorized.
  5. PUSHBULLET-notifications allow receive free notifications on different operating systems, platforms, and mobile devices. To do this, you must register on the site and get the API-key, which you must enter in the ZENLIX settings.