Main preferences

On this page are held general system settings. See below for a detailed description.

  • Name and short - name of the organization that uses ZENLIX system.
  • Slogan - more detailed descriptions of tickets or system organization.
  • Logo - an image that describes your organization and system tickets of your organization.
  • Language - common language of the system, which will be used if the profile is not set language.
  • URL-system - system address to which users will enter the system. This address is displayed in the email-letters.
  • HTTPS - If enabled, all requests to the system will only go through HTTPS-traffic.
  • Time Zone - main time zone system.
  • Debug mode - If you turn, you can see detailed error messages when system errors occur. This mode is recommended to also include a viewing error logs.
  • API-system - used to access the system services, by means of the API-interface. This interface is used by mobile applications.