Mail fetching

Fetching of mail - a system that is going to emails and process them once a minute. Collection of mail consists of:

  • Mails, that sended directly
    From this mail can creation tickets
  • Mails, that sended as forward from zenlix answer mails
    Among them are the answers and comments to the request.

  • Status - if active, will be handling incoming mail.
  • Receiving from the unknown - if active, the mail will be accepted from unknown users, their account will be created, and a password generated on their behalf the ticket is created.
  • E-mail - the address box for incoming mail.
  • Address / username / password / port - for data authentication.
  • Directory - the directory / folder on the mail server.
  • Security - type of encryption protocols used for email.
  • Filter - a description of the filter parameters, and mail handling.
  • To - the field will be filled when creating the ticket.
  • Customers - a list of clients that will be filled by the ticket.
  • Tracking - watching my ticket will be attached to the ticket.
  • Tags - Tags to created ticket
  • Files - describes the ability to attach files to the ticket, if the message has such files.