Forms of ticket

Ticket forms - a customizable templates ticket forms that can be administered as whole groups of users and to individual users. Below is a detailed description of the options ticket forms.

  • Name form - form a unique name to identify the groups or user settings page in the appointment of the ticket form.
  • client field
  • Author ticket - by default, the client field - will contain the author's ticket, without the possibility of choice.
  • Members of the group - may select a customer / user of these groups.
To field
  • Members - may be only select users from the list below.
  • Groups - possible to specify only the group from the list below.
  • Users and Groups - combines the above description.
  • Priority - if not active by default in all tickets medium priority.
  • Field tickets topic
    Text field - the user can enter any subject ticket.
    The drop-down list - the user can only choose a certain subject of the ticket.

  • Upload file - allows you to attach files to the ticket.
  • File Types - describes the allowed permissions for files.
  • Number of Files - describes the maximum number of uploaded files to a single ticket.
  • Maximum size - describes the maximum size of the uploaded file in bytes.
  • SLA-plan - a list of valid SLA-plans that appear on the page creation ticket.

  • Deadline - when active, the user can select the deadline for ticket for the creation of the ticket page.
  • Tracking - when active, the user can select the ticket for tracking users on the page creation ticket.
  • Individual performance of the ticket - if active and the user selects an ticket implementing several users, each individual user will mark the implementation of the ticket.
  • Take execution - if the active page is on creating ticket user will be available to enable the option to accept the execution of the ticket.
  • Creating a user - if active, the user can create other users on the site creation ticket.
  • Additional fields - list of additional fields displayed on the page creation ticket.