Config files

ZENLIX v3 - this system is written on the basis of the framework Laravel 5.1, which means that you can take full advantage of this platform. One of them - is the use of configuration files directly, for a more flexible system configuration.

By default, most of the values contained in the configuration files .env file and edited via the web interface of the system from a variety of relevant pages of configuration and system administration.

Below we describe the configuration files (zenlix/config/) system:

adldap.php ActiveDirectory configs import/auth
api.php Dingo API class for API working
app.php Main configs
auth.php Auth configs, user accounts in Laravel
cache.php Configuration file of Cache system
compile.php Configuration file of class compiled
database.php Configuration file for DataBase connections
excel.php Configuration file CSV/EXCEL for import users
filesystems.php Configuration file for storage files and remote storages
image.php Configuration file for image generators
imagecache.php Configuration file for image cache
jwt.php Configuration file for WebToken API-system
mail.php Configuration file of mail system
purifier.php Configuration file of clean HTML
queue.php Configuration file of queue drivers
services.php Configuration file of additional services
session.php Configuration file of user sessions files
settings.php Configuration file of settings system 
view.php Configuration file for VIEW-system