Billing tickets on the reaction time, the implementation and other

Active Directory integration

LDAP — authorization and import users.

Multilevel user priviliges

Full access control system based on groups.

Pop-up notifications

Interactive web interface.

Cool mailing

Mail system.

No limits

No limits to tockets and users.

Receving tickets from mail

Can fetch tickets from IMAP/POP3/NNTP.

System updates

Long time update system by one click.

Mobile app

iOS-app and PUSH-notifications.

Multilanguage system

Russian, ukraine и english interface language.

Full logs and reports

By all actions with tickets and users.

Comments and chat

Try communication, as in social network system.

System integration and other sms-api.


Can connect system to other services and systems.

Mail templates

Can configurate mail templates via Code.

Responsive design

You can use web-interface on all devices equally comfortable.

Clean and simple web user interface

It allows you to quickly make decisions and understand what is happening with the tickets. Based on the principle - powerful features for easy operation.


Customizable forms of creation tickets

With this function, you can adjust the individual forms create tickets for users and user groups. More than 20 customizable options.


System notifications

Multifunctional system reports using e-mail messages, SMS, pushbullet-messages, pop-up notifications in the web web browser.


Ticket actions

You can forward the tickets to take the work, perform or verify the performance of tickets within the privileges assigned to you about your group or individually.


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Reaction time

Sets regulated response time for a request depending on the priority of the ticket.


Work time

Sets the maximum regulated the execution of the application, depending on the priority of the ticket.


Deadline time

Sets the time of the deadline for implementation of the ticket, depending on the priority of the ticket.


Open source code

With customization option.

Lifetime support

Always available system updates to new versions.

Lifetime license

No limits to time to use.

Logntime support

This version (v3) have long time develop.

Operation speed

System based on Laravel and work very good.

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