Billing tickets for response time, performance and deadline.

Receiving ticket from e-mail

System can receive tickets from IMAP/POP3/NNTP and proccess it.

Full logging and reports

Logs of all events for tickets and user actions.


Comments to titkets with mail notifications.

Service integration

With, SMS, WebPUSH, mobile PUSH.


Can connect zenlix system to another services.

More features

The ultimate goal of our product - a satisfied users.

Responsive web design

Web-based system is equally convenient displays on all devices.

Notification system

You will always be up to date, by the Web and other notification.

Features of group

The new user management system and customers become even more flexible with the use of groups.

IOS & Android app

And android-version of the mobile application is comming soon.


Notification of all ticket actions.

Actions with tickets

Based actions with tickets.


Local storage of tickets in your device.